Juno is our little red girl with attitude! Juno has a great personality, always wants to be the certre of attention and is extremly loving. Juno was only in a handful of shows last year but finished quickly and is now a Canadian Champion!

Aslan is our big red boy and stole our hearts when he came to us as a puppy. He has an outstanding temperament and is a big suck! Aslan likes nothing more than playing in the yard with the girls and going for his daily run. Aslan curls up happily on the couch everynight with my husband and watches TV. Because we have no kennels Aslan was neutered when Juno came to us. We can only have one boy in our lives at a time and Aslan with be with us until he goes to the rainbow bridge years from now!

Echo or Echo bug is our little black girl that was born deaf. Echo was given to us as a gift from Rachel Jesse in Calgary. This girl has a beautiful soul and is always happy and every day with Echo is always a special one! She is extremly smart and will always figure something out before Juno and Aslan. Echo continues to amaze me with her intelligence , curiosty, and comical personality!



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